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Toronto Dingos Announce 2023 Leadership Group

The Toronto Dingos Football is proud to announce its 2023 leadership group, with Mike Bocian set to lead the Dingos as captain for a fifth-straight year.

Greg Gilbert and Ben Sinclair have been named vice-captains, joining Michael Ladd and Michael Beda in the quintet of formal leaders for the 2023 season.

Head coach Mick McFarlane announced the leadership group at training and said the club was proud of the calibre of leaders who will set the standard and take the Dingos forward this year.

"We have a great group of players who can drive the standard for this club going forward," he said. "We couldn’t ask for a better group of players to lead us into 2023 and beyond. They are all fully deserving of this achievement."

McFarlane also said that Bocian is the perfect leader to take this new group forward this year.

"It's hard to move away from what has worked for us in the past and Mike has been an excellent leader on and off the field," he said. "I’m confident he’ll continue to do a great job again in 2023."

Bocian is now third on the all-time list with five years served as Dingos captain. Craig Stewart has the most with 7 years as skipper. Chris Cunning was captain for six years.

Vice-captains Gilbert and Sinclair each possess outstanding work ethic, professionalism and commitment to Dingos football. They are both determined individuals that bring an enthusiastic energy to the club. Ladd and Beda also lead by example on and off the field, and they too have shown great commitment to Dingos values and have earned the achievement of being leaders of the club.

Bocian will lead the Dingos in its first match of the year against Guelph at Margaret Greene Reserve this Saturday.


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