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Gaz Conlon

Player Profile

Year you started with the Dingos: 2012

Field Position(s): Half Back/Flank, Back Pocket, Forward Pocket

Games Played (end of 2022): 89

Goals: 22


How did you hear of the Toronto Dingos? 

Used to work with club legend Paul 'Tinks' Tinkler and because I was Irish he thought I played Gaelic and would be a Top Tier recruit for the Dingos, alas I never played Gaelic and I was less than bottom tier.

What Sport did you play prior to the Dingos? 

Did a lot of Karate and Kick Boxing back home in Ireland and then Muay Thai over here. I also played/managed Soccer for the Happy Valley Warriors FC back in Ireland.

How do you find the cross over, what is difficult/easy? 

Catching the ball (marking) is difficult when you weren't brought up on this skill and you have arms like a T-Rex. Also the Toronto Summer sun tries to kill me every season so there's that...

What do you like best about the game? 

I love how dynamic it is, its a fast and furious sport. Aussie Rules really makes you dig deep. 

What are your favourite things about being a Dingo? 

I love the comraderies within the club, and how the teams ethos is about inclusion, encouragement and teamwork. The club has changed my life in so many ways. I'm genuinely proud to put that Jersey on.

What is your favourite thing about Toronto? 

Toronto can be up its own arse at times but if you can ignore the noise the city has a lot to offer in terms of its Multiculturalism, Art and Entertainment.

So far, who is your favourite Dingo and why? 

This is an answer that is very long for me. There are alumni players that I talk to all the time including Tom 'Honey Beard' Bell (My BFF), Shawn 'Sloppy' McKay, James 'Star Child' Duggan, Jake 'I Kill You' Steinberg, Spider (the worst) Wells, Dave (the better) Wells, Tinks, Niall O'Kane, Kevin Mullholland and so many more.


Then there are current players with who I'm always in touch with and we hang out outside of footie such as Justin 'Robbo' Robertson, Mick "insert expletive' McFarlane, Stephen 'Gordo' Gordon (dances like a maniac), my dear Irish brother Eoghan 'Super Fast' Bergin, Mike 'Highschool" Karas, Ben 'Molecular' Moller and Michael 'U-Turn' Ladd.


Then there are the Dingos who started later on such as Michael 'Alpha' Beda (great drummer btw), Andre 'Dre' Hyatt (my eventual replacement), Mike 'My Captain' Bocian (my personal footy hero), Greg 'Giggawatt' Gilbert, Francis 'Rubber Chicken' Lacasse, Tim 'Spare Parts' Indian (big HB fan), Derek 'Rugby Boy' Bressette, Harry 'The Lions Mane' Shelton, my other Irish brother Ciaran 'Buckshot' Buckley and Rob 'Naughty Noddy' McNaughton who've been inspiring to me on the field and great craic to hangout with.


Now I'm getting to know the newest guys to the club who are already legends in the making such as Chris 'CJ' Jepsen, Ben 'Sinkas' Sinclair, Matty 'Too-Hot-to-Handle' Hastas, the twin towers Matt and Matteo, and many more!  I know I've left out a good few, but I love getting to know new people through the season so I expect this list to grow quite a bit more!

Maybe i should have answered:

I have many favourite Dingos!!

Tell us something that none of us know about you! 

There is something wrong with me.

Oh and I play in the official Dingos band, its called 'Honey Beard' (Gordo, Timmy, Bergo and B Moller are our biggest fans btw).

What are your goals for this Season? 

To get as close to 100 games as I can without injury and to win a flag!

Favourite Quote, TV Show, Movie, Book or Place to Visit? 

"The Horror....The Horror" Colonel Kurtz - Apocalypse Now

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