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Tristan Kinghorn

Player Profile

Year you started with the Dingos: 2019

Field Position(s):Wing/Half Back

Games Played (end 2022): 1

Goals Scored: 


How did you hear of the Toronto Dingos? 

Afl Ontario Website before moving to Toronto

What Club did you play prior to the Dingos? 

Played AFL with the Woodend Hawks

How do you find the cross over, what is difficult/easy? 

The cross over was easy, and it is great to play with people that didn't grow up with the game.

What do you like best about the game? 

The physicality and skill involved in the game.

What are your favourite things about being a Dingo? 

The group of mates I get to run out with each week.

What is your favourite thing about Toronto? 

Poutine, Patios and Cottage Country

Tell us something that none of us know about you! 

I have competed in equestrian events since I was 8.

What are your goals for this Season? 

To play as many games as I can.

Favourite Quote, TV Show, Movie, Book or Place to Visit? 

Love visiting Nashville

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