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Jay Shin

Player Profile

Year you started with the dingos: 2022

Field Position(s): Wherever im put

Games Played (end of 2022): 



How did you hear of the Toronto Dingos? 


What Sport did you play prior to the Dingos? 

Baseball, Cycling

How do you find the cross over, what is difficult/easy? 

Football is not round, irregular bounds

What do you like best about the game? 

Everything is non-stop and unpredictable.

What are your favourite things about being a Dingo? 

Positive Energy

What is your favourite thing about Toronto? 

Cycling trails

Tell us something that none of us know about you! 

I can draw manga.

What are your goals for this Season? 

Learn basics about this sport. Especially how to kick and mark properly

Favourite Quote, TV Show, Movie, Book or Place to Visit? 

Chainsaw Man (Anime)

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