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Alec Walker Smith

Player Profile

Year you started with the dingos: 2023

Field Position(s): Half Back/Forward

Games Played (end of 2022): 



How did you hear of the Toronto Dingos? 

Member harassing me at work to join. 

What sport did you play prior to the Dingos? 

Hockey & Rugby 

How do you find the cross over, what is difficult/easy? 

Getting the hang of ball movement/kicking. 

What do you like best about the game? 

The support and camaraderie of the team

What are your favourite things about being a Dingo? 

Getting to be active and social. 

What is your favourite thing about Toronto? 

The Dingo's! And breweries. 

So far, who is your favourite Dingo and why? 

Aussie Ben, has a rough exterior but a soft teddy bear. Always trying to hype you up. 

Tell us something that none of us know about you! 

I used to be a DJ. 

What are your goals for this Season? 

Improve all my Aussie Rules skills and score a few points. 

Favourite Quote, TV Show, Movie, Book or Place to Visit? 

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. The only movie that matters.

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