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From the Coaches Box - Round 6

We had the opportunity to have a quick chat with Dingos Head Coach Mick McFarlane ahead of the round 6 game against the Central Blues

Now that we are in July with 4 games played, where is your focus now as a coach? Do you adapt your style/plan or focus on consistency?

I believe in continuing to work on doing the simple skills well. Marking, kicking etc. With a few of our guys being very new to the sport, working on these elements is important to our development.

In terms of adapting our style, through the first 4 games, we've seen where some players excel in positions we've tried them in, and we want to use that to our advantage for the rest of the season.

You have managed previous dingo teams in the past, how does the current playing squad stack up?

All teams have been different. I think we're likely relying on our Canadians more now than we have in the past. Our midfield at times this year has been composed of young Canadians and international players, which has been exciting to watch.

A big away win against the current champions Hamilton. What are you hoping to see from the team in their next encounter against the Central Blues

I've spoken about this before, but just to keep developing as a football team and learning what each players role is to make us a hard team to play each week. If we focus on us and what we want to achieve, I'm sure that will keep us competitive each week

The Toronto Dingos return to Humber South, Saturday July 8th to take on the Central blues at 12pm.


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