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From The Coaches Box - Round 4

We caught up with Dingos Head Coach Mick McFarlane ahead of the round 4 bye to talk about the start of the season.

What has you most excited about this season after the first 3 rounds?

How much potential we have at our club right now. The development of 1st and 2nd year players over the rest of the season will be critical to how our season plays out.

Lots of new recruits and old faces in the team for 2023, who has impressed you most from preseason through the beginning of the season?

I can’t pick a player or two, but it’s been the buy in from all players at all levels and their commitment to improving not just at training, but on game day.

In a lot of ways I see this year as a development year for our team, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take some big steps to being competitive in every game we play.

Couple of nice wins in a row now, but obviously still plenty of room for improvement. What are your priorities for training heading into a big test against Hamilton next week?

To keep improving. We’re nowhere near our potential yet, but individual players need to stay focused on 2-3 things in a game that will help us become a difficult team to match up on week after week.

Also, just continuing to work on simple skills like kicking, hand-balling and marking can make a drastic difference to what the result looks like for us on game day.

The Dingos will be back at it again this Thursday, June 22nd, in preparation for their round 5 matchup against the Hamilton Wildcats.


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