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Final training sessions showcasing a robust 2023 Dingos team

With two weeks to go before the 2023 season kicks off the Dingos have been reaping the rewards of a successful preseason of recruitment, taking on board a number of new Canadian and Australian players.

Round 1 is an away game to Grand River Gargoyles in Guelph which has always proven to be a highly competitive encounter. With training numbers at an all time high and the new coaching team coming together, the men in the red and black have never looked as good. The executive have been pleased with the post COVID recovery, citing the difficulty in maintaining numbers and accessing training fields over the past 3 years as a one of the main challenges of the club in recent times.

The 2023 season has also seen a strong return of veteran players to the fold, full of enthusiasm, with no signs of ring rust. Although the focus will shift from preseason into full season now, the exec are still focused on recruitment, looking to build a robust squad of players that will keep the team competitive over the course of a long summer and hopefully into the finals.

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