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Dingos Go Down To Eagles

The Dingos dropped their second game in a row on Saturday when they faced off against the Eagles in what could be a match up we see again in September, losing by 29-points.

Forward Ben Sinclair opened opened the scoring account for the match, after finding some space in the forward line for an uncontested mark and set shot at goal. However, this would be the only major registered for the Dingos as the Eagles got a hold of the game in the middle and were able to put on the next 4 goals of the match.

Despite winning the ball out of the centre, the Dingos were unable to capitalize on their midfield efforts through scoreboard impact. As the Eagles won the ball in their defensive 50, the were able to transition quickly through precise kicking and fast ball movement, turning defense into attack and adding more pressure on the scoreboard.

Celebrating his 100th outing in the Red & Black, defender Yoni Moussadji helped spark a mini revival in the last quarter through his run and ball use off the half-back line. However the damage had already been done and the Dingos are now left licking their wounds heading into a tough couple of matches to end the 2023 season.

Goals: B. Sinclair (6), R. McNaughton

Best Players: B. Sinclair, Y. Moussadji, M. Ladd, M. Bocian, B. Wooten


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