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Captains Corner - Pre-season & Round One

With just over a week to go until the beginning of the 2024 AFL Ontario season and the Toronto Dingos much anticipated Round 1 Grand Final rematch, we caught up with captain Mike Bocian to talk about the pre-season and lead up to round 1.

One month out from the beginning of the season, what has you most excited about this playing group heading into round 1?

The sheer excitement has been infectious throughout the group. Everyone wants to get out there and play; play for each other and take it to the champs, show them what Dingos’ footy is really all about.

We want to start the season by sending a message and setting the tone to all the clubs in the league what they’re in for when they play us.

Lots of new recruits and old faces in the team this preseason, what or who has impressed you most on the track?

The overall effort from the entire club on and off the field this offseason has been impressive. It has really forged a bond with all of us that I think will give us an edge against other clubs. Knowing that each of us is willing to put in the hard work and give the 1% efforts that often go unnoticed.

I’ve also loved seeing some of the new guys come in and immediately contribute to the club and share their knowledge and experience. It’s also been great seeing some vets raising their hand and taking that next step and leading either by example or with their voice.

You were recently named captain for season 2024, which is your 6th time leading the squad. How does the current playing group compare with some of the previous teams you have led? What has you most excited?

There’s so much to be excited about with this group. We have a solid group of boys that have loads of talent, skills and pure athleticism. The past groups that I have captained have had these but in the end it came down to our numbers.

This year we have the numbers, the want, desire and commitment to the club and each other. Everyone has bought in and understands what the mission is and is willing to push each other that extra bit.

This preseason has seen strong training sessions, have you noticed anything different compared to previous years?

There’s an energy of excitement that has caught on throughout the club like a wildfire. The spark in the club was there last season, but it really ignited throughout the club after the loss against the Rebels in the GF. It was that moment where each of us as individuals decided to raise the bar and raise it as a team.

You can see it in the many Dingo chat groups (LOL) the support everyone has given each other and the accountability everyone has taken on to prepare for this season. This work put us in a position to come straight the gate firing on all cylinders on the training ground.

Finally, what has been the highlight of the preseason?

There’s been a lot of great moments at training and social events, but hands down it has to be the London preseason footy trip. It was a great way for us to kick off the 2024 road trip to win the flag. New friendships were made, laughs were had and too many funny moments happened to share. All I can say is watch out when Geoff is driving in London. Hands in everyone… Sincas on 3!

The Toronto Dingos will kick off their 2024 AFL Ontario campaign against the Toronto Rebels in a rematch of the 2023 grand final at 11am on May 25th at Humber College South.

If you’re interested in trying out a new sport and want to join the Dingos, please contact Justin Robertson at


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