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Toronto Dingos 26th Annual AFL Grand Final Party

If you’re looking for a place to watch the AFL Grand Final look no further: the Toronto Dingos are back with their 26th Annual Grand Final Party.

Come for a night of drink specials, raffle prizes, football, and Canadian-Australia-Irish banter. Whether you live and breathe footy, or are just curious about the sport, it’s an event for everyone.

Date: September 29, 2023

Location: The Walrus Pub (Bay and Wellington)

Time: Doors open at 8pm.

Tickets: $10 at the door

What is Australian Rules Football?

It’s Australia’s national football sport to watch. It’s known as “footy” and combines the best elements of soccer, rugby, and basketball. With its fast pace, high-flying catches called “marks”, and bone-crunching tackles, it will have even the neutral fan enthralled.

Here’s 5 reasons why you should come.

  1. It’s Australia’s Superbowl. It’s the pinnacle sporting event of the year. It’ll be a spectacle.

  2. Prizes! Yes, there will be raffle tickets to buy and gifts to win. The grand prize is a scenic flight around Toronto. If you don’t win that, there are other unreal things on offer like: a round of golf in Mississauga; Down Under Travel hotel voucher for $300 and Transat Travel gift card for $250 to be used toward a weekend away.

  3. Come meet the Toronto Dingos Football Club. Come learn about football in Toronto. We’ll teach you how to handball, catch and maybe how to bounce the oval-shaped ball. If you’re keen to play we can sign you up for the 2024 season!

  4. Dress up like a football fan! It’s a great chance to wear your team’s scarf, beanie, hat, cap, jersey.

  5. The banter! It’s a great opportunity to network with other Torontonians, sports fans, expats and people who love spending their Friday nights at a pub with 150 others who want to make some new friends.

To RSVP and receive updates about the event head to our Facebook Event page and follow us on our socials (Twitter) and (Instagram).

If you have any questions please email Justin Robertson, president of the Toronto Dingos Football Club at


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