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Boots out for Tim Shaw

Dingos alumni got together at Hemingways and all poured back a beer for Tim Shaw on the five-year anniversary of his passing.

The annual tribute for a club legend was made difficult during the pandemic but has now been revived to honour the Dingos great.

The hashtag #BootsOutforShawy made the rounds on social media, where former players took photos of their Dingos jumper with their football boots.

In 2018 the club wrote an In Memoriam for Shawy full of great, long-lasting memories:

"During his 122 games spanning almost two decades with the Toronto Dingos Football Club, Shawy (as he was affectionately known as), embodied the tradition, loyalty and pride associated with the Dingos. On the field, Shawy kept things simple. He possessed quick hands, could kick effectively with both feet, never backed away from a hard contest, ran in straight lines and at times made hard things look easy. He was clever and creative but took on a simple approach to generating run across the half back line and through the midfield. He could kick the ball a mile, and rarely wasted possession of the ball."

We miss you Shawy.


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