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Oh Canada: Matteo Lugarini Named In National Team For 2024 Transatlantic Cup

Dingos vice-captain Matteo Lugarini has officially been selected in the 2024 Canada Northwind squad for this year's Transatlantic Cup to be held here in Toronto this August.

Matteo joins an impressive list of Dingos who have gone on to represent Canada in similar tournaments:

  • Chris Buczkowski

  • Patrick Bossey

  • Jimmy Duggan

  • Dave Wells

  • Bryan Wells

  • Andrew Nisker

  • Yoni Moussadji

  • Chris Ritchie

  • Mike Butcher 

  • Danny McIlravey 

  • Chris Cunning

When talking to Matteo about this achievement, he recalls back to when he ordered his first footy."I remember buying my first footy from AFL Canada it coming with Team Canada playing cards and thinking that I have to get myself on one of these. Now that it can actually happen is wild."

"I couldn't have done it without the immense support from the Dingos and the coaching staff - Mick and Robbo - the many Aussies that taught me how to make runs - Woots, Leigh, CJ, Noddy, Sincas, and Geoff - as well as the entire club who has been behind me from the start. I honestly cannot thank them enough."

"I greatly appreciate the AFL Canada coaching staff for offering the chance to a rookie to try out and have the opportunity to represent Canada this summer."

Matteo will is also joined by good friend and 2023 most improved Dingo, Matt Howell, who has been named in the Reserves squad, as well as rookie Zach Shaw who has been selected in the Northwind Development squad.

When asked about what he is most looking forward to about the upcoming tournament, Matteo said "I just can't wait to run out with the entire team and play with Canadian pride."

The 2024 Transatlantic Cup will be the first AFL-sanctioned international championships since 2017 and comprises of both male and female divisions with teams from Canada, USA, Ireland, Columbia, France & Great Britain competing.

It is expected that around 400 players will participate in the 10-day event, which will be played in a round-robin format, culminating in Grand Finals on Sunday, August 11.


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