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From the President's Desk - Round 8

We caught up with Dingos President Justin Robertson (Robbo) ahead of our round 8 match up against the Toronto Rebels, and the much anticipated Tim Shaw-Josh McMillan Memorial Match.

Big week this week Robbo, with the Dingos looking to firm up their assault on a top two spot against rivals Toronto Rebels, followed by the Tim Shaw-Josh McMillan Memorial much. What are your thoughts on the day ahead?

Yeah it’s a big day in the sense we have a double header against the Rebels. Both clubs firing this year. It’ll be great to see where we are at. I’m glad the Tim Shaw-Josh Mcmillan memorial is back on the footy schedule here in Ontario. I think this a watch this space moment for the league in terms of how we honour AFLO players who have passed away. Every club should be involved moving forward.

We had some of the alumni come out to training the other week to work out some cobwebs and chat to lads about Shawry. What did it mean to you and the team to have them at training?

Having three legends come back to the club means the world to me but also the team as they get an education and insight into how the Dingos DNA was formed and what it means. Our bonds last a life-time and that’s something we all want in our lives. So having them at Balfour 10 years after retiring shows the new batch of Dingos we’re more than just a football team.

Finally, we know it has been a couple of years since we were last able to honour Tim. How much does that mean to you and the club?

It means everything. Tim Shaw meant everything to the club. He was a relentless player, passionate, skillful. And was one of the true leaders I looked up to and admired the way he ran the club — being a competitive bunch but doing it through culture and mateship. Being in the trenches together. That was Tim. And I’m glad it’s back at Humber South this year. Hopefully we can make it a big event in the years to come.

The Toronto Dingos will take on the Toronto Rebels at 1pm at Humber South, which will be followed by the Tim Shaw-Josh McMillan Memorial Game at ~3pm


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