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Dingos Win Streak Extends To 4 Against Central Blues

Dingos 7.13 (55) to Blues 4.7 (31)

The Toronto Dingo's returned home to Humber College South to claim their fourth win of the season against the Central Blues in a hard fought match.

The Dingos got out to a fast start, dominating the centre clearances and giving the forwards multiple opportunities at goal. After a few near misses and constant forward pressure, Dingo rookie CJ nabbed the first goal of the game, which helped open the floodgates. Despite leaving a few goals on the table, the Dingos were able to get off to a fast start kicking 5 goals to 1 at the first break.

The Blues came out in the second quarter looking like a completely different team, winning the ball in their backline and catapulting it into attack. Some accurate kicking allowed them to nab a couple of early goals in the quarter, whilst the Dingos were unable to take their opportunities from repeat forward entries finishing the quarter goalless.

The 3rd quarter was tightly contested as the Blues continued their play and the Dingos lifted their intensity around the ball. After playing the majority of the game between the backline and ruck, Canadian rookie Matteo swung forward and provided a much needed target inside fifty. Whilst some chances at goal went begging throughout the quarter, it ended on a high when Matteo took a strong contested mark and kicked truly after the siren.

Both teams went hard at the ball in the final quarter, which saw the ball spend a lot of time between the arcs. The Blues we able to grab the only goal in the last term with the Dingos walking away 24 point victors.

Goals: C. Jepsen, B. Sinclair, M. Hastas, G. Hansen, B. Moller, B. Wooten & M. Lugarini

Best Players: C. Jepson, G. Gilbert, T. Bell, M. Lugarini, M. Howell

Photos by: Richard Heaton


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