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Dingos Return From The Capital Victorious

Dingos 11.8 (74) to Swans 3.6 (24)

The Toronto Dingos have returned from their trip to the county's capital with a victory against the Swans, ending a 10 year drought playing in Ottawa.

The tone was set from the very start of the game, with Dingo rookies CJ & Matteo setting up a brick wall in defence. The backline repelled the Swans early attacks back the other way allowing 2022 Club Champion Ben Sinclair to hit the scoreboard early, whilst leaving the Swans goalless at the first break.

Whilst still tightly contested in the middle, the Dingos were able to fight through and continue the trend through the second quarter. Getting more scoreboard reward for effort, with the Swans securing a late goal (their only for the half) from a free kick.

It was all one way traffic in the third quarter, with the Dingos midfield, led by Michael Ladd, stringing together passage after passage and really hurting the Swans on the scoreboard. Ben Sinclair continued to find the goals, and his teammates, whilst the defence put in another monster effort to hold the Swans goalless again.

After a couple of early Dingo goals, things slowed down in the final quarter as the both team's legs grew weary from a highly contested game to that point. The Swans managed to put on a couple of goals in junk time as the Dingos ran away 50 point victors.

The Dingos head into next week's bye on a two game win streak, and will be hitting the track in preparation for the trip down to Hamilton on June 24th.

Goals: Sinclair (5), Cosma (3), Gilbert (1), Hastas (1), Karas (1)

Best Players: M.Lugarini, M. Ladd, B.Sinclair, C.Jepson & M.Howell


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