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Dingos Go Down To The Rebels

The Dingos faced off against the Rebels in the Tim Shaw-Josh McMillan Memorial Match on Saturday, where their 5-game win streak came to an abrupt end 6.1 (37) to 12.3 (69).

The Dingos opened the scoring account for the match when Thomas Espinosa, playing his first game for the year, kicked truly from a free kick in the forward 50. However, centre clearance supremacy allowed the Rebels to put multiple goals on the board in quick succession, taking an early lead in the game.

Both teams backlines remained relatively stingy throughout the the second quarter, neither letting the opposing forwards get a stronghold of the game. As the teams traded blows, the Rebels were able to maintained a 4 goal lead heading into the main break.

Looking for a spark, Dingos coach Mick McFarlane flipped some magnets around to start the second half, which kick-started a mini Dingos resurgence as Cosma & McNaughton goaled early in the third to bring them back within a couple of goals. However, strong clearance work saw the Rebels respond to keep the Dingos at arms length, ultimately running away 32-point victors.

Post game a ceremony was held to honour late clubman Tim Shaw of the Dingos, and Josh McMillan of the Rebels. As the teams came together to talk about the impact these two great men had on their respective clubs and pay their respects, two players (one from each team) were awarded the the Tim Shaw-Josh McMillan Best on Ground Award.

Congratulations to Dingo Chris Jepson & Rebel Alex Colborne who were voted best afield in a hard fought game.

Goals: R. McNaughton (3), S. Cosma, T. Espinosa, M. Howell

Best Players: C. Jepson, H. Shelton, S. Cosma, M. Lugarini, D. Gunn


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