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Dingos Fall To Rebels In The 2023 AFL Ontario Grand Final

The Dingos amazing 2023 season ended in heartbreak on Saturday afternoon going down to the Toronto Rebels in the 2023 AFLO Grand Final 11.9 (75) to 4.5 (29)

With the game tightly contested to begin, the Rebels drew first blood midway through the first quarter, before midfielder turned forward Michael Ladd converted a set shot directly in front. From here both teams traded goals, with club President Justin Robertson giving the Dingos a slender lead heading into the first break.

The second quarter continued right where the first left off with both midfields battling and the ball spending a lot of time between the arcs. As the half closed the Rebels regained a 1 goal lead going into the main break.

Despite keeping the Rebels within reach in the third quarter, unfortunately the Dingos were unable to stop the Rebels avenue to goal in the last ultimately running away 7 goal victors and the 2023 AFLO Premiers.

Goals: B.Sinclair, M. Lugarini, M. Ladd, J. Robertson

Best Players: B. Sinclair, M. Lugarini, C. Jespen, M. Bocian, H. Shelton


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