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Dingos Exorcise Their Demons In Huge Win

A perfect spring morning welcomed the Toronto Dingos and High Park Demons on Saturday, where the Dingos walked away with a 140-point victory 21.20 (146) to 1.0 (6).

Led by their dominant midfield of Matteo Lugarini, Brayden Beks, Keegan Hogarth & James Tallbot, the Dingos were giving forwards Ben Sinclair and Jax Ian silver service going inside 50 from the first bounce.

The first half was all one-way traffic, with the Dingos dominating the game inside and out, with the backline not allowing the Demons attack to get a sniff at goals keeping them scoreless for the first half. In contrast, the Dingos had 20 scoring opportunities and piled on 9.11 (65) heading into the main break with midfielder Beksy sneaking forward for a few majors to go alongside Sincas 5 for the half.

The Demons managed to finally break the dam wall in the third quarter, scoring their only goal for the match after an uncharacteristic Dingos fumble. However, that would be the only shining light in what was another dominant of quarter for the Dingos, with some wayward kicking for goal the only thing preventing a bigger blowout.

Not willing to rest on their laurels, the Dingos capped off the game with a 7-goal final term with forwards Jax & Sincas continuing their form and capping off a great 4-quarter effort from the Dingos squad.

Goals: B. Sinclair (9), B. Beks (4), J. Ian (3), G. Gilbert, G. Hansen, K. Hogarth, M. Ladd, M. Lugarini

Best: B. Sinclair, J. Talbot, B. Beks, J. Ian & M. Lugarini


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