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Dingos Claim First Victory at Humber South

Dingos 10.7 (67) to Demons 2.3 (15)

The Red and Black came back from last weeks loss at Guelph with a Round 1 victory against the Highpark Demons.

The early morning start made for a tepid first quarter but the Dingos finally found their stride with effective link ups through the center, finding Sinclair on multiple occasions in the forward 50.

The 2nd quarter saw some cracking battles in the midfield with Rookie Ruckman Matt Howell making things difficult for the Dees. Some clever play by veteran Justin Robertson cut through the Demons defense and saw new Aussie player Brad Wooten take some impressive marks and, along with the ever menacing Ben Sinclair, racked up 3 more goals on the board.

The Dingos continued to dominate into the 3rd quarter with a some hard defending from Captain Mike Bocian, Mike Karas and Stephen Gordon. The midfield duo of Ciaran Buckley and Michael Beda ran the guts ragged linking up with Justin Moore to create more channels for Sinclair to increase his goal tally, not to mention a nicely snapped goal from Mattie Hastas.

With the Dingos cruising in the final quarter, the Demons got their 2nd goal against the run of play. In spite of being behind Highpark kept the pressure up which made long time Aussie Geoff Hanson's unrelenting attacking style a significant contribution from half back. The final minutes saw more goals from the forward partnership of Wooten and Sinclair who were unlucky not to put 10 more goals on the board by the final whistle.

With a win under their sash, the Dingos now look to their away game in Ottawa and a chance to avenge their playoff loss from last year.

Goals: B. Sinclair (7), Wooten (2), Hastas (1)

Best Players: M.Bocian, B. Sinclair, G.Hansen, M.Beda and M.Howell

Photos by: Darrin Bressette