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Toronto Dingos Announce New Executive Team For The 2024 Season

Raising the bar and building on the success of 2023 were the two overarching conversations being had at the most recent Toronto Dingos Annual General Meeting held at sponsor brewery Black Lab.

After the successes of last year which included making the Grand Final, increasing the club membership through recruitment efforts and driving culture through multiple new initiatives and social events. The Dingos have maintained a lot of what worked last year, whilst adding some additional roles to help continue driving the club forward.

Justin Robertson will remain at the helm of the club for the 2024 season as club President, alongside Treasurer Stephen Gordon.

The Vice President role has been split into two arms for the upcoming year to help us focus on two key areas of growth for the club. 2023 VP Mick McFarlane will retain his position and be focusing more on player recruitment, with Eoghan Bergin added to the executive team as Vice President with a focus on Sponsorship.

Similarly after positive results in the media space during the previous year, the club recognized the need for more focused positions to allow continued growth in this space. With this change Matthew Hastas will move into a website and content focused role, whilst Derek Bressette will continue his amazing work as the club's Social Media Director.

Ben Moller & Ben Sinclair will continue to drive team culture as Co-Directors of Social Events after organizing some of the best events in recent memory throughout the 2023 season, such as the Nashville Footy Trip, Pub Golf, Black Lab Brewery Day & many more.

The football department will see some changes. The Dingos will announce those coaching staff changes after the pre-season football trip to be held in April. Dingos captain Mike Bocian will step into the Team Manager role, taking over from Gary Conlon.

Here's the 2024 Toronto Dingos Executive team:


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