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Dingos Confirm Pre-season Football Camp

The Toronto Dingos will be heading to London, ONT in April for a pre-season football camp.

The Dingos pre-season camp was first established in 2013, when the group went to Barrie. The following two years saw the team travel to London and Kingston. From 2016 on, the camp was put on hold as numbers fluctuated but now as the club is growing bigger and adding more new players, the tradition is now being revived.

“It’s such a great way for new players to connect with the core playing group. Coming into a big team as a new fella, it can be daunting to try to learn new skills but at the same time, connect with existing players,” said head coach Justin Robertson. “It’s always a great time. And it sets us up for a fun season.”

The football camp will feature an intra-club match, team building exercises, fitness work and a social function.

The Dingos will head to London on April.13.

If you’re interested in joining the Dingos and want to try a new sport please contact Justin Robertson at

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