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Dingo Life Member Reaches 100 Game Milestone

Defender Yoni Moussadji played his 100th game for the club yesterday in the Dingos 29-point loss to the Eagles at Humber South.

“Yoni was one of those players who ran in straight lines, hard at the ball. That’s why the half-back line suited him. He could read the play and gather the ball and had a booming kick,” said Dingos president, Justin Robertson. “Off the field he was the ultimate team mate, helping guys with rides to the game, washing uniforms and doing the team things. He was always at training and just really worked hard on his game.”

Moussadji reached his first 50 games in 2008 and it's taken him 15 years to add the next 50 games having been stuck on 99 games since 2019.

The half-back flanker turned goal kicker became a Dingos Life Member in 2013, and has polled the 2nd most votes in the Canadian B&F 4 times (05, 09, 12, 13). He also took home the Coaches Award twice (2003 & 2006).

"Yoni's athletic abilities spoke for themselves, but it was his leadership that I remember the most," said former teammate, Everett 'Spider' Wells. "Sure, he was supportive and a great teacher, but he would also hold you accountable in a way that didn't make you get down on yourself. I remember a few years into my playing career, I made a dumb mistake that led to a turnover. At quarter time, Yoni pulled me aside and instead of talking about the error, he just said 'Spider, you're not a rookie anymore - you're a vet. You know how to be better, so go do it.' He would push you to not just be a better player, but a better leader."

Despite not having played a full season in 10 years, Yoni turned back the clock on Saturday with his leadership and decision making off the Half Back Flank.

Congratulations on 100 games Yoni, hopefully we can convince you to make it out for a few more.


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