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Toronto Dingos welcomes new executive team for 2023

Moving forward and "doing it together" was the big theme at the recent Toronto Dingos Annual General Meeting at Belfast Love.

The Dingos have kept a lot of what has worked for them over the last two years but have also added some new parts.

Some of the key changes to the executive include:

  • Former president Stephen Gordon shifts to a treasurer role

  • Former VP Greg Gilbert moves to sponsorship and recruiting

  • Mick McFarlane moves into a VP role for the first time

  • Justin Robertson is the Dingos new president, a position he held for two years (2016-17)

  • Pat Bossey steps down as treasurer

Here's the 2023 Toronto Dingos Executive team

  • President Justin Robertson

  • Vice President Mick McFarlane

  • Treasurer Stephen Gordon

  • Director of Sponsorship Greg Gilbert

  • Directors of Digital (Web, Social, Communications)

  • Mattie Hastas, Gary Conlon, Derek Bressette


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